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Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium 2017

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Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium 2017

Amsterdam - The Netherlands - 6 to 8 June 2017

Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium is being held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands from 6 to 8 June 2017.

The Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium will bring together ship designers, fleet owners, naval architects, classification societies, equipment manufacturers and maritime research organisations to discuss and debate the technological, regulatory and legal aspects.

This conference covers the challenges of testing and developing autonomous maritime technology, legal implications and potential economic benefits for fleet owners, Also safety, security issues and the development of a universal regulatory framework.

Autonomous Ship Technology Conference Programme 2017

DAY 1 Moderator: James Fanshawe - Chairman, UK MASRWG
AM: Keynote Presentations
PM: Liability and Legal Issues

DAY 2 Moderator: Nick Lambert - Director, NL Associates
AM: Navigation and Collision Avoidance
PM: Best Practices

DAY 3 Moderator: John Haynes - Managing Director, Shock Mitigation
AM: Test and Development of Autonomous Technology
PM: Cybersecurity Challenges for Autonomous Ships

Leading experts from around the world will present their views and current findings, leading to a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and network with this pioneering community of maritime engineers.

The Path Towards Unmanned Shipping - topics under discussion:

  • Autonomous navigation technology
  • Automated onboard systems
  • E-navigation
  • Automation software
  • Maritime remote control technology
  • Potential economic benefits
  • Legal implications
  • Environmental impact
  • Maritime regulations
  • Simulation
  • Testing and validation
  • Piracy
  • Cyber security
  • Impact on maritime workforce and human factors
  • Maritime insurance
  • Reliability testing of software and hardware systems
  • Case studies and research projects
  • Remote satellite communications

The RIB & High Speed Craft Directory is pleased to be a media partner and supporter of Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium 2017



The safe operation of unmanned surface vessels

There has been an exponential rise in the development and operational utility of maritime autonomous systems (MAS). MAS are operating on the surface and underwater in three main sectors: marine scientific research - oil and gas - defence.

The UK Maritime Autonomous Systems Regulatory Working Group (MASRWG) is developing codes of conduct and practice for the safe operation of MAS, in consultation with several nations and organisations (e.g. IMO).

Today, MAS operate within the existing conventions and regulations with robust risk assessments and safety cases. But there are gaps in the existing documentation, which is the focus for the MASRWG.

The MASRWG, chaired by James Fanshawe, was formed to identify the issues related to the operation of Maritime Autonomous Systems in all of the global designated maritime zones; from the high seas into internal waters, and formulate a regulatory framework that could be adopted by the UK and other States as well as the international bodies given the responsibility to regulate the marine and maritime world.

This regulatory framework will cover the following key aspects:

  • Safety
  • Environmental compliance
  • Compliance with UNCLOS
  • Compliance with other key maritime and marine conventions where identified

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